Friday, November 30, 2007


Do you believe in Miracles ?
I look at this picture and I think ...How could one not believe?
Even just for a moment....
But I think it is all about TIMING....
the Infinite Clock and the Circumstances that create a Miracle....
and the Energy, the Faith, the Believing that came before....
to create that One Moment....

But I also think Someone has to Witness it, SEE it for what it is....
for that one moment....
So the person who took this photo...
If he hadn't been there....
Would this Moment in Time still be a Miracle ?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Music....11.28.07

*{Click the title: Al Stewart "Year of the Cat"}*
Hey all, I am off doing Cleaning for two days....enjoy the Music and the Sunset, I will be back Friday Night....namaste.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Music for the Soul

*{ Music from "To Kill a Mockingbird", starts out with small sounds on the Piano, and sweeps to Full Orchestra.}*
To first time my son saw this film, he said "Now that is how you put music to the Film, and it has to be Black and White.
He wants to remake it someday, but he is waiting for the Right "Scout" and the Right " Atticus". This music is one of my
favorite of all times...}*
What Movie has the music that melts your soul.....that you have even heard playing like a Soundtrack for events in your life....?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Thoughts at the Enigma Cafe : Beauty In Small Things

It is still Al Stewart weekend, this is a lovely song set to beautiful photos that will sooth your soul after you watch the Sunday Talk Shows....the Song is called End of the Day. Namaste.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Thoughts at the Enigma Cafe Part1: Nostradamus

*{Al Stewart weekend here at the Cafe, "Nostradamus", very beautiful, very inspiring]*

When I am troubled by Events of Our Times, These Dark Times of this Evil Regime, I find myelf searching History for Answers, for Lessons.....I even end up reading Nostradamus, wondering , reflecting Did HE KNOW SOMETHING, should we be listening.....should we be reflecting...thinking....The Future is in our Hands, but if we are not listening to Sage Voices of the Past, have we heard what we needed to make Needed Changes......

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Night Music ....11.24.07

"In order to feel anything, you need strength" Anna Maria Ortese
Music for tonight is Fleetwood Mac, "The Chain"....I went to many of their concerts and had all of their albums. I loved them , even though the complications of their relationships created such tension on the stage over the years. I always felt so fortunate to see them .....They had great strength to play together and heal their past. Yet it was their strength and love that helped them play so beautifully...and they are still playing , occasionally reuniting and sharing their wonders. I hear them play and I feel 16 again....or almost.
I was at Walmart the other and they had Ruby Slippers for sale, and my first thought was , that if you came home an found ruby slippers by the front door, would you put them on ? Would you tap them three times ? What would you wish for....

Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Night Music .......11.23.07

Woke up to New Snow....very beautiful. There is still snow and the Moon is rising in the sky.
The Music tonight is Heart, from fall 1976, 6-6 asked me WHAT did you listen to when you were my age. Comments to the video"Wow, you all did not know how to dress in those days". Hmm , the phrase "Those Days" hurts, but I have to admit that he has a point. I first heard Heart at a Friends house, on a cassette tape, from Canada. I was awestruck. That little tape got shared and played all over the DC area. So tonight we have Heart, which is tricky to find on Youtube, look up the Sisters, Ann and Nancy Wilson....The Song is "Magic Man"...and is dedicated to another blog that also loves Heart, so this one is for you Skippy.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So Thankful....11.22.07

Click Title for Music: Louis Armstrong: "It's a Wonderful World"
I am so thankful ...grateful for so much. I am thankful that my son really is my Gentle Giant, that he has a big heart and a kind soul and that even though he is teenager he really does know I love him. I am thankful that "Harry The Cat" wandered into his life and keeps him company .....I am thankful that we found this old Victorian Wreck of a House that needed so much work and so much love, that has been good for us.....And I guess I am happy that my Downtown Loft Building did Foreclose, as it made me find us a new Home. I am thankful for this lovely old neighborhood with wonderful neighbors.....and all of the trees, birds, possums, and skunks....I am thankful that 6-6's Dad got to spend a whole month here in the summer....I am thankful that I survived 2005 and finally recovered most of what was damaged, I am so so lucky....I am thankful that I have made so many wonderful friends that have been so good to me over these past 2.5 years....Very Grateful....very...namaste.

Take Care and eat and be merry....

See You All on Friday...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wednesday Night Music....11.21.07

I Dedicate the Art to the Gas Man, as for the 3rd month in a row he came when I was in the Tub. There is Nothing worse than settling into a nice tub of Lavendar and Jasmine Bubbles...and then the Gas Man Banging on the Door......And I also dedicate the Song to Windspike....Just a bit Of Mozart on a Rainy Cold Night by the Lake, and it is put to Great Pieces Of Art.

Late Tuesday Night Music.....11.21.07

I wish I knew how to play the piano...the Enigma Cafe has a piano now....Any Requests ? Music heals...and soothes...I should pay Rent at YouTube.....Have a lovely night....namaste.

Monday, November 19, 2007

MONDAY MORNING....11.19.07

A friend sent me this postcard....this is the Olympic Stadium in Bejing. And it has been giving me nightmares, seriously, twice I have dreamt about this structure. it is called the Birds Nest. What do you think ? Does it look Rickety to you ? And after all of the Poisoned Toys, and Poisoned Food, and WHO knows what else, do you think maybe we should be worried ? I mean I don't think the three little pigs would think it would pass the HuffPuff test, Do you ?

*{Music is Moondance, with a lovely Video, I think Van Morrison really captures Autumn}*

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Night Music.....11.17.07

I found a new picture for the Cafe....So A few of us have started working on a romantic tale in the comments of the post below..."No" was the inspiration for this little project....Tonight it is cold and rainey here at the we have made EggNog Hot Coco and popcorn and some cookies ( Chocolate chip reciepe , except we put MM's in the dough).And we are going to watch Saturday Night Live....Have a good night.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Evening Music.....11.16.07

It is Bitter cold and windy today, with snow blowing all about. I have brewed up a nice big pot of Ginger Peach tea, and am making molasses cookies, so it smells heavenly here. I have been of course wandering in my mind to where it is warm, which automatically happens when the temperature gets near 30 degrees.( Hence the painting). I have been blogging about VETS and suicide and PTSD over at Watergate Summer, as it is an important issue with the Holidays approaching. So over here I am trying to make sure that we keep it cozy and warm. Have a good friday, Click the title it is amazing, a video by Enya, about the joy of falling into Paintings, called "Carribean Blue". Namaste.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Music....11.14.07

I am going to hang this poster Somewhere here....I like to think as a Woman that we are Butterflies..... capable of Change....Evolving....Beautiful and .....sometimes Frail....but strong enough to Fly Great Distances.....

*{Please do read my post over at Cosmic Messenger posted on Thursday November 15th, 2007, "Not Ready to Make Nice"}*

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Satuday Afternoon: The Wisdom of Leaves...

"The body is the tree of wisdom,the mind a bright mirror in it's stand" She Hsui
The Leaf Project
I have to go and do errands, but I will be posting Saturday Evening Music later....This morning I went and gathered LEAVES, all different colors,..shapes and sizes.....And then I put them between Waxed Paper and throw aross silver glitter, and then a second piece is put across the top , and then a thin piece of cotten, and I iron the two pieces of wax paper together, and the leaves in between...and then I put it up in a Window after it has cooled... It is great to do with Kids, and also very fun to walk around trying to find that perfect Leaf...

I have been humming "Summertime" all I am sharing....

Have a good Saturday and don't forget the Contest over at Watergate Summer...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Night Music ......11.09.07

[ Click the Title: " Cashmere" ....Not ]
And the Ringtone Story......

Okay so over at Watergate Summer, I posted that 6-6 and I have been talking about Music ( which means that we have been learning that I don't know Enough). So yesterday , after finding my phone stuck under a pillow, I realized that The Ringtone From Hell was driving him crazy- so he said "why don't we change it?". So I said fine.....

So He would sit and pull up lists of Bands , and run off names and then I would sit and look them up on Youtube and see what I wanted on my phone. Well, being funny- he says- Hey why don't we put music on "FROM YOUR ERA" ( Well gee , let me move my walker out of the way and put my teeth in Sonny...) So he says I think you should have some Led Zeppelin or The Who. He says I think you should have the Song "Cashmere" (now that is what my feeble old ears heard....) That song was the first Hard Rock song I ever really heard- I was at the Beach with friends, and some College Students had it blaring out of their car and a bunch of us were trying to Fly that song reminds me of Kites...always.

So I go to YouTube and look up Led Zeppelin and Cashmere, no luck , so then I look up Cashmere and all I find are a bunch of videos of sweaters.....and I did have a nice laugh....and realized that listening to songs from this era really did make me feel absolutely Ancient.....sigh....

Anyways I finally realized I wanted a song from Now, so I found a good Matchbox 20 song....and felt more "with it."..

So What do you have on your phone for a Ringtone ?

Friday Afternoon at the Cafe....

*[ Click the Title: Loreena McKennitt , lovely video "La Serninissima"]*
So the funny thing is that I have a list of Places I Need to Go To, and the list has now grown substantially thanks to YouTube, and the Internet. ( and it was already plenty long from Bali, to Nepal, to Burmah, to Thailand, to Scottish Moors, to Tasmania, to Madagascar and on and on.....) The photo above is so soothing, I love the shadows and the shade and the water, it is Rum Point in the Cayman Islands. Although I don't think you would need much Rum to be there, the serenity alone makes me drunk....

As soon as the temperatures fall below 40 I am craving warm white sands......

I am making a Blueberry Peach Cobbler , which I will post the receipe the Comments...

So do you have a List ? What Places are on it.....

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Night Music 11.08.07

*{ Click title : Simon&Garfunkel "Old Friends" }*

"In the Depths of Winter, I finally realized that deep within me lay an Invincible Summer"
Albert Camus

I put Simon and Garfunkel on the Jukebox...they always remind of Fall and Cold Weather....scarves and mittens and hot Chocolate.

It is chilly here this week, 30's, Wintery, and I was not ready for it, yet. I have been getting my house ready- but I mean ME , the inside of me is NOT ready yet. So other than plastic-ing windows, and rearranging furniture ( we move to one floor and shut off rooms to save heat, energy and money). What else do you all do to keep warm ?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pictures of Home....11.07.07

So here is the thing.....I keep dreaming about the Northwest...and I can't stop it, and then other nights I don't want to dream about it , so then I can't sleep. I think it is about being Homesick. I left Seattle, the Northwest on MLK day 2004, it seems so long ago. So if you all don't mind, I thought I would hang a little picture from Home....Thank you...

So do you all have places that haunt your dreams, that you dream about still ?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dark and Stormy Night at the Cafe....

DK found some lamps, they are so lovely, I know we will hang them all over, but for now let's admire them...and on this dark and stormy night it sure has made it cozy here...and I put John Mellencamp on the JukeBox.....I hope that is okay.....

....I have pumpkin muffins on the counter, and sqaush soup in the crock pot....

So did you hear that in Oregon today they upped the Cigarette taxes to pay for Kids Without Insurance, how do you all feel about that ?

I have some feelings ..but I need to make some coffee first....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Waiting for Oolong Tea.....and an Apology

I wrote over at Watergate....that I took an Unplanned Sabattical this past week....But I am back and trying to get caught up...and will do my best to get caught quickly as possible....there is Oolong on the way...