Monday, November 19, 2007

MONDAY MORNING....11.19.07

A friend sent me this postcard....this is the Olympic Stadium in Bejing. And it has been giving me nightmares, seriously, twice I have dreamt about this structure. it is called the Birds Nest. What do you think ? Does it look Rickety to you ? And after all of the Poisoned Toys, and Poisoned Food, and WHO knows what else, do you think maybe we should be worried ? I mean I don't think the three little pigs would think it would pass the HuffPuff test, Do you ?

*{Music is Moondance, with a lovely Video, I think Van Morrison really captures Autumn}*


landsker said...

"Bread and circuses", was the Romans usual way of keeping the citizens amused and it also kept them from prying into the affairs of the wealthy and powerful.
Stadiums are the moderm equivalent of the ancient colloseums, and serve the same purpose.
Never mind equality, be patriotic and hope that your nation defeats the others.
Never mind sickness and hunger, look at all the wonderfully healthy athletes.
Never mind the millions of homeless and hungry, all those construction companies provide work, and stadiums are much nicer than housing or hospitals and schools.

The olympics will get doodley squat from me.

enigma4ever said...

Landskr: you said it..and nailed is a disgusting contraption....and specatcle at this rate..I agree with everything you said...

the walking man said...

I saw on TV the engineering concerns of this structure and whether its sub support structure will hold up to it's intended use but the Chinese decided that none of that mattered because they didn't design it they just built it to specification.

Ah well just another artifact of the material world.



betmo said...

it only has to stay together a little while, right? i don't imagine many of us are going to the olympics in china this time- and i don't suppose they care too much about their own people- so other than us- who gives a damn? that is a sad state of affairs.

moondance is good too. :) van could sing happy birthday and it would be great!

D.K. Raed said...

At first, it looked like a hollowed-out iceberg to me. Like a victim of global warming.

On second look, it more resembles a mickey-mouse patchwork repair job. Like a duct tape wrapped-up monstrosity, but they ran out of duct tape.

E.K. says it looks like moth-eaten Pearl Harbor Memorial. So much for OUR architectural critique.

Fran said...

When I looked at the photo, before I read the name of it, it looked like a haphazard industrial scrap containment device, like a rough hewn prison. When I later read the name, it was an *oh I get it* reaction.... but the first impression- industrial monsterosity came to mind first.