Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Music for the Soul

*{ Music from "To Kill a Mockingbird", starts out with small sounds on the Piano, and sweeps to Full Orchestra.}*
To first time my son saw this film, he said "Now that is how you put music to the Film, and it has to be Black and White.
He wants to remake it someday, but he is waiting for the Right "Scout" and the Right " Atticus". This music is one of my
favorite of all times...}*
What Movie has the music that melts your soul.....that you have even heard playing like a Soundtrack for events in your life....?


enigma4ever said...

Sorry, I forgot some of the details...Painting is "The Virgin" by Leonardo da Vinci. and the music is by Elmer Bernstein....so lovely.....

( Somehow I think the music kind of goes with the painting of this young girl....I like to picture that Scout grew up,....and maintained her gentle honest soul....)

the walking man said...

No movie music comes to mind but there are some pieces of Celtic music that do melt a portion of the rock.



Thomas said...

Casablanca, where one man starts his own second front against the fascists, he happend to be Bogie a LIFE LONG LIBERAL
We ARE the second front against the Fascists
we still believe in the USA
in the Constitution
and the BILL of Rights
YOU Enigma and the other Stalwarts are the leaders of the second front!
and as Rick Said in Casablanca
"confusion to the enemy"

Josie said...

Enigma, have you ever seen a movie called "”The Notebook" with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams? It's wonderful. There is a scene where they are dancing to Jimmy Durante singing "I'll Be Seeing You". I would rent the movie again just to watch that scene and listen to the music.