Friday, March 28, 2008


I have no idea what it would be like to wear a beautiful dress....feel smokey, hair all done, and nice perfume.....go out ...hmm, go Somewhere and have a meal served and a lovely cool drink....and then cheesecake and coffee....

Hmmm, a Rita Moment...ahem minus the smoking...

Mercy Me.....Friday dangerous....

( every time I daydream like this I get besieged by

*[song is "Mercy" by Duffy ]*

Love Is Out There.....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Northwest Urges....

"It only takes one person to Change Your Life......You."
Ruth Casey

This photo is Falls in Oregon....Don't you just want to sit there and let that wonderful noise wash over you....and feel the mist....
It is true I am having West Coast Yearnings....All of it, California , Washington and Oregon....sigh....Enjoy the Music too.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A little Something for a Nothing Tuesday

Winter is STILL here....( gee, I sound sooooo thrilled don't I ?).....I am waiting for a little Spring....I bought myself one little flower to put in a jar...I needed a tiny little dose of Spring....Enjoy.

Click the Video, it is wonderful, The Song is Ben Taylor singing barefoot on a porch with a friend and his dog " Nothing I Can Do".He is amazing and talented, so much of Carly Simon and so much of James Taylor......Talented.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday....Spring?

This is my DREAM Kitchen....oh how I wish.....sigh..anyways this weekend I am cooking....baking....Chili, Sweet Potato Pie and Biscuits and I have to thank Fallenmonk, I went there and there was a great Biscuit Receipe, and since I have always made Hockey Puck Biscuits , I am very inspired to try these. And then a guest at his blog has a great Video that he made, I will post more about that later.....I also am making Easter Cupcakes for my neighbors. Sadly there is susposed to be up to 8 inches of snow so much for Spring...Have a Good Friday....

**{ Enjoy the Music Linked to The Title: Carly Simon....singing in Nantucket....sigh...}**

Monday, March 17, 2008


6-6 has a wonderful cat....sleeps so peacefully ....plops down whereever he is and a marmalade pillow...even on top of Yellow Dog...He has been distraught by the snow, he sits and looks out the window and cries. We finally realized he is looking for his birds and squirrels and Nothing looks familiar. Poor Fellow.I keep telling him tomorrow the snows will melt...tomorrow.

*{Click the Title : Cat Stevens "Peace Train" }*

Friday, March 14, 2008

More Thoughts....Tree Blogging...

This week I have been walking everywhere, because my car was Snowbound, and when I walk I spend alot of time looking at the Changing Trees.....I found this Beautiful Video, Linked to the Title, it is all Black and White Photography with a wonderful song, all done by one artist.....Amazing. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blizzard by Lake Erie

So the picture below is pretty close to WHAT it looks like Outside.....but in my heart and when I meditate I go to the Place Above....I have spent all day watching Home Shows....Cooking Shows....and when Internet was functional, looking at gardens...I finally realized that I am going through Green Withdrawl....that is all it is..

I took the Yellow Dog out and she sank in the snow, drowning and panicing in it- it was over her little head...I took her back inside and dug out a path to a pee/poo area....We tried it again....and still she flopped about looking disoriented....poor thing...and while we trudged so she take care of her issues I thought of this fountain...Maybe this summer I will put one out back...and as I trudged through the White thick blankets I felt warmer planning My Fountain.

*{Click the Title Natalie Merchant "Wonder" }*

Friday, March 07, 2008

Lusting for Lemons.....

This matches my kitchen is so lovely....and I am lusting for Lemons and Oranges and Sand and Surf and flip flops...We are having a Blizzard...and I need a mental break from there will be lots of blogging this weekend...for the sake of my snowbound sanity...

I am painting my bedroom ( again)....and the stairs....and Spring Cleaning ( cough)....and I will post my Borcsht reciepe tomorrow night....

*{Click the Title: Lorenna McKennitt "Between the Shadows" beautiful video showing the changing of the seasons..}*

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Sometimes we need to take just a bit of time, and reflect. That is not a bad thing, it is good for the soul. And sometimes it means drinking alot of tea, and absorbing things at a different level. I was worried and upset about the Ohio Results, but now I am looking at it differently, I am looking at What I really and what I was feeling. Even if we are allowed to have Hope, we also have moments of Clarity.My son and I have had long talks about how the 60's were a Special Time, and that is a Special Time....and that Something Real has Started.I will do anything to keep that level of Hope and Optimism in his eyes.

***[ Click the Title: "For What it is Worth" Buffalo Springfield, beautiful video with 60's Memories woven in with today. My son calls this the "Something is Happening Here " Song ]***

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today's Projects at Enigma Cafe : Treats to Spring Cleaning.....and Some Music

Some of This....

Some of That

And More of This.......

Today I am walking to the Bakery and getting Croissants as a Special Voting Day Treat. And then I am coming back and Cleaning...Massive Spring Cleaning....My Theory that If I Spring Clean that Spring Will Come.....and then tonight I will go encourage the Voters in Line.....and then after the Polls Close I am back to Make Pancakes.....We call them Result Cakes.....6-6 and I deserve just a few treats today....Snuggle up if you are in the North East, we are sorry that Our Siberian Winter wandered your way...Have a good night...

*[ Click the Title Dixie Chicks Serenading James Taylor with "Shower the People" }*