Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blizzard by Lake Erie

So the picture below is pretty close to WHAT it looks like Outside.....but in my heart and when I meditate I go to the Place Above....I have spent all day watching Home Shows....Cooking Shows....and when Internet was functional, looking at gardens...I finally realized that I am going through Green Withdrawl....that is all it is..

I took the Yellow Dog out and she sank in the snow, drowning and panicing in it- it was over her little head...I took her back inside and dug out a path to a pee/poo area....We tried it again....and still she flopped about looking disoriented....poor thing...and while we trudged so she take care of her issues I thought of this fountain...Maybe this summer I will put one out back...and as I trudged through the White thick blankets I felt warmer planning My Fountain.

*{Click the Title Natalie Merchant "Wonder" }*


Russell said...

Wow! That is a LOT of snow!! Out here in Iowa we are finally beginning to thaw out. We still have lots of ice, but temps are supposed to be in the 40s and 50 this week. Now they are warning us about ... flooding!

I love the little fountain! I will tell you something that will give away my age - I remember when such water pumps (is that the right term?) were actually used! I can remember holding a tin cup under a pump just like that one and getting cold water.

In people's kitchens years ago, people had little pumps like this on the side of the sink and would pump water into the sink. Then they would heat it up. I did not see many of those, but I do remember a few...

Take care.

leslie said...

Even in our temperate little corner of the world, we're tired of winter. I don't know how you stand it - all that snow and cold! Crocuses are in full bloom and daffodils are starting now. Yesterday I bought lawn fertilizer and weed killer and soon will go and pick up some bedding plants. Hang in there! "This too shall pass." lol