Friday, March 07, 2008

Lusting for Lemons.....

This matches my kitchen is so lovely....and I am lusting for Lemons and Oranges and Sand and Surf and flip flops...We are having a Blizzard...and I need a mental break from there will be lots of blogging this weekend...for the sake of my snowbound sanity...

I am painting my bedroom ( again)....and the stairs....and Spring Cleaning ( cough)....and I will post my Borcsht reciepe tomorrow night....

*{Click the Title: Lorenna McKennitt "Between the Shadows" beautiful video showing the changing of the seasons..}*


Mary said...

I've been including oranges in my salads. I feel guilty having my little "whoa is me" moment when YOU are the one w/all the bad weather. Pretty mild here really. Anyway oranges in the salad help.

Russell said...

Spring is coming .... it will be here soon -- really!! Here in Iowa we are still cold and covered with ice. But the weather people promise that we will see temps in the 40s and maybe even (can I say this outloud?!) 50s (!) next week.

Seriously, I can smell the ground beginning to come to life. It does not look like it is time, but I can feel a change in the air.

Soon we will be talking about the heat - but between you and me, that time cannot come soon enough!

Take care.

landsker said...

Borscht is an all-time favourite of mine, a soup that turns into a meal.
Your mention of this fine food takes me back to the early seventies, when I travelled to Canada and the States.
Sadly, in Britain, it isn`t found so often.
My first taste came whilst visiting Canada, where I had met some wonderful folk from Ukraine.
The mother of the house grew her own veg, and could turn a few simple ingredients into a meal, she rarely bought frozen or packaged goods!...and her borscht was served up with sour cream and rye bread. Aaaah.
"Simple things are the best".