Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Soul Retreat 1.29.08

"Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."
Rumi, a Sufi Poet.

I love this garden, it is one of the places that I go in my mind. I am not sure where it is , but I like to picture this is what Bali looks like, one of my favorite soul retreats. When it is bitter cold and frozen out, this is where you will find me.....or part of me.

*[Click the Title + George Micheal sings a beautiful Classic, that a friend sent me monthes ago.....it is soothing}*


Russell said...

Very nice water garden. I can almost hear the water moving and smell the air! There is nothing as relaxing as sitting next to such a little spot and letting nature engulf you with its quiet.

I enjoy visiting your blog, though I do not often comment - one of those silent majority folks.

And I always appreciate your comments to my blog though, again, I am not the best at getting back to tell you. Please know your comments are most appreciated.

Back in 1977 I had a chance to go to Hawaii - my one really big trip in life. My brother and sister-in-law lived there for a while. Seeing this picture, I am reminded of the many water gardens I saw in Hawaii.

As with most things in life, often the best are the little ones that are tucked away in a seluded spot and are actually a treasure when you stumble upon them.

Take care.

enigma4ever said...

thank you Russell..
for your comments and visting...

( many lurk and don't comment- that is fine..as long as you enjoy the little cafe here)

LET'S TALK said...

Beautiful song by George Micheal, Enigma.

I guess we all have that place that we can go to and relax and be at one with ourselves. Thanks for sharing yours.

Lydia Cornell said...

How Beautiful!!

Enigma, I can't open the video you sent me; I don't know why -- maybe I am missing a plug in.

Will set up a new You Tube account soon.
am overwhelmed right now on a project so when it's turned in, I'll start campaigning.

Lots to talk about. Thank you for your amazing spirit.

enigma4ever said...

Hey there Lydia
I can not wait to hear about your projects, I love your radio show and your blog , both have good spirit ....I can't remember what I sent- darn..hmm, Go to YouTube and there is a Video Called "Passing the Flame" , it is amazing ( I am pretty sure that is what I sent). The OTHER video to see ( that I might have sent)
is called the "Yes, I can" Song.....

Keep up all of your good work....and good vibes and energy....

Thank you for stopping in...I try to make a little place here to take a break...we all need that- Your Blogs are great- all three- I don't always comment- but I am there....

Larry said...

"Hope is not blind optimism... Hope is not sitting on the sidelines or
shirking from a fight... Hope is that thing inside of us that insists,
despite all the evidence to the contrary, that there is something
greater inside of us."

Barack Obama

enigma4ever said...

Larry....GREAT quote....
Free Coffee for you- for rest of the month ;-)

landsker said...

I guess we all need a garden for the soul.
It`s very cold here in Wales today, a nice hot brew would be lovely, ta.
I was listening to someone on the radio, saying how there is a world, where all the spirits meet, and that sometimes he closes his eyes, and begins to hear the gentle chatter.
At least soon it will be spring, with longer days, already here we are seeing the first daffodils and snowdrops.

leslie said...

I really like this post and it makes me wish I had a little haven like this.

enigma4ever said...

We can all have a little heaven...even in our mind :-)

hello our friend...you want some tea- oolong do it for you ? cream and sugar ? are you a lemon fella ? I know there is a spring out there somewhere - but it is monthes away here....you have buds there... snowdrops are so lovely...and daffodils too...

landsker said...

Hi Enigma,
No cream thankyou! I`m just a straight-forward "Whatever is in the pot" sort of person.
Here on the coast, the spring comes sooner, up in the North of Scotland, the snow is still falling.
Incidentally, in some of the primary schools around here, the children build and maintain gardens, both formal and "wild".
It gives them a real break from the routine of academic life.

the walking man said...

Love should be all that we do, then our lives would be filled with beauty.

Peace Enigma