Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Day

Thank you all for coming by to wish me and 6-6 Happy New Years. We watched CNN, bad old movies, and some football ( ALL of my teams lost....every one...oye). Today we are hanging out and discussing the Caucus Process, because we really don't understand it. He is still pulling for Obama, and I am still rooting for Edwards. But bottem line, I need to keep reading on all of them. Awoke to Snow, and it snowed all day and all night, so I am sure we have more than a foot ? really windy and cold, 23 degrees..Heater is hanging in there, still making the Screaming Bird Noise....Stay warm and enjoy the music.

The Music today is Jackson Browne's "Hold On , Hold Out". As we are coming down the final monthes of the home stretch of this godawful wretched Criminal Administration, I find myself humming this song alot. We all need to hold on....and hold out.


the walking man said...

I told you don't mention the S word, now see what you got lol.

Hold on is as good advice as any you can give.



Fran said...

E ~ About this hold on/hold out theme... I fear you are holding on while the landlord is holding out on getting that furnace fixed. I'm concerned about the *screaching bird* heater in all that cold & snow. I hope you are in touch with him & gently press to set a date-- when exactly is the 3 week mark he spoke about? Makes me mad you are having to put up with it-- if it were HIS house, he would not be so "patient" about it. It's not legal to be a slumlord, but they hold the cards.