Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Bucket List....

Am I the only one that lays awake at night and makes lists of things that I still want to do....I don't think so....I think that alot of people do it...Okay so name FIVE things on your Bucket List.....Just five...they can be small, it does not have to be grand.

Okay here are mine ( I have a long list....)
(1) Bali....just cuz...
(2) Going to the Asian Art Museum to drink tea
(3) Trekking in Nepal
(4) Watch the Bird Migration at Sanibel
(5) Do the Manatee Count in Florida with 6-6


the walking man said...

1. Live with as little physical pain as possible for the rest of my life.

2. Make sure the old lady has enough assets to carry her through to the end of her life.




I've pretty much have had a fantastic life and seen everything I wanted to see and done everything I wanted to do so 3-5 will have to wait for another time.



Enigma4ever said...

thanks Walking Man....I think if you get 1&2 ....that would be wonderful....always nice to see you..

leslie said...

I posted a "bucket list" the other day!!! I put down 10 but let's see if I can off the top of my head do 5 places I want to travel to since travel is #1 on my list.

1. see New York City
2. spend a summer on Cape Cod
3. drive the coast of Wales
4. do an African safari
5. go back to Paris

There you go - that's 5 - but it sure isn't a full list! :D

Enigma4ever said...

Hey Leslie,
ir is quite a list..if you need Company....I would be glad to help with that list...

Cartledge said...

1/ finish my North American experience
2/ spend some time with my daughter in Boston
3/ experience, first hand, a round of Indian (sub-continent) elections
4/ work out what the mind really is
5/ potter about looking for gold in ‘them tha hills’

I figure i have a few years ahead to sort out most, but the pottering is where I'd like to end up, with or without the gold.

D.K. Raed said...

1. summer in nova scotia
2. hike the redwood forests in CA
3. Royal Scotsman train
4. hoist a few in Dublin
5. be swimming in the ocean one day & find a couple dolphins by my side.

Of course, the dolphins would be magical. No telling where I might end up after that encounter. Ever hear of Selkies?

I've had to cross Mars Colony off my list as the years pass & I realize it's probably not gonna happen in my lifetime.

enigma4ever said... comment just went poof...

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the great comments..and I hope that I can add some to mine or steal some of these...

wonderful things to put on the list...

have a good sunday..

Thomas said...

Bucket Things to do
1) Return to Ireland and see more castles
2) Go to Scotland
3) See some part of Australia
4) take a cruise to Alaska
5) live to see Bush the second jailed
Bucket things discarded
1) Parachute from a perfectly good plane
2) jump from a bridge or high thing bungi corded
3) visit R. Reagan presidential library
4) drive (again) up Mt. Washington (AAAAAAAAAAAA)
5) there is no 5