Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Meditation Chant and Music....and some yoga






Laine said...

I can never repay for your kindness. The last video is the Yoga I can physically do. I shall practice it til I get it down perfectly.

I now have this blog in my Google reader and will follow every update with great anticipation.

It is a true pleasure to call you friend. Thanks, Allie!

enigma4ever said...

Hey Laine..
floor yoga is very soothing....yin and yang yoga is for different issues...let me know if you need "hot" yoga-sometimes that is needed for detox ( ie cigs and coke) and it generates more heat and is also good for deep muscle release ( but it does not work with muscle issues...or MS or fibromalgia) the music here is all good, can be used with yoga, meditation, or tai chi or Chi Quong...

best to you my friend....