Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11 Tribute....

Posted on Watergate Summer Sept 11, 2007....Post below was written on the eve of 9.11.01, I have never put it on my blog before.I wrote this about 12 hours after the 2nd Tower Fell.I was living in the Northwest in a small town in a little house with a little picket fence at the time, my son was 10,and I was still married.I wrote this sitting on my porch, late at night.I have lived in 5 places since then, and my son has grown into a teenager....I have tried to always make him a Home....and give him a sense of Peace and Community.My own heartbroken path has taken me on spiritual journey that can not be denied....and yes,it is intrinsically woven into this Dark Time in our History and has been drastically affected by This Regime.I am even more sad for this Country, Our Country, then when I wrote this....I still treasure what matters....I blog it everyday.
[Please do read the Comment Thread Below esp the Comments by Deudersson and his life in NYC after 911, it is beautiful]
Shattered Dreams and Unsung Heroes 9.11.01... 11pm

We went to bed last night and we woke up and nothing will ever be the same.Our televisions brought us such images of death and destruction that have never even been portrayed on movie screens.Not at home, Not in Our Backyard. Not Here, Please not here, not in Our Home Lands.Not in the United States.And then we listen to familiar Voices trying to explain what can not be explained, Peter Jennings and Arron Brown so calmly trying. A New York Skyline resculpted by a monsters plan, a shredded symbol.

As these images flash across the screen I am left with images in my mind of people trying desperately trying to get to those they Love.Firemen groping in rubble and smoke.Unsung Heroes who ran into buildings to help people because that is their calling.

Reporters and cameramen filming while running desperately trying to still get the Truth Out.I am stuck with the realization that hours earlier, they had breakfast,walked their dogs,laughed with their kids..Hours later they may have been clutching perhaps a wallet photo and whispering "Goodbye"and "I Love you " into a cellphone...Courage is found in the Rubble and the Dust,dark smoke does not cloud such Bravery....Rubble,ashes,and paper falling like snow, like tears.....a Deadly Rain.

Tonight my son is drawing SuperHeros with his friend, and they are eating peanut butter sandwichs, and my dog is in the yard, and my cat is still pestering the Canary outside in his cage under such a blue sky, and those skies are so ominously silent.My husband is a flight nurse and I look expectantly at the skies, for the first time EVER I don't want to see him flying.I want his feet on the ground.And I am haunted by the date, 911.. Emergency.

So What do we do now my son asks ? It is a good question. Then he asks about the People Wanting Revenge, and I have to tell him that for this level of destruction and death,there is perhaps there is no Retribution, that Revenge does not measure out when there is Such Evil at Work.We have to stay calm and focused,being careful not to judge What we can not understand.

So what to We Do now? .....Perhaps we try to take care of each other,hug our kids a little harder,check on neighbors,give blood, and we pray and we light candles. Be gentle to each other my friends and have Hope. And remember days like these are full of Unsung Heroes that can be eclipsed by the tragedy of the moment. They are People just like You.

photo borrowed from Hope's Blog.


the walking man said...

I am pretty sure that our generation and them that came after us have had more "I remember what I was doing when..." moments than few, if any before us.

I suppose then with these memories of what the world could have been had not these martyrs not died will always tinge the colors we see our world in.

The list is long and growing daily begin with JFK and go through to 9/11 and beyond, where will mankind's peace ever find a home?

enigma4ever said...

Walking Man- your last question.....sigh ...oh how I wish I had an answer..I really do...


Thomas said...

I remember that day so well, like I still remember the day JFK was murdered, even though I was a small boy, I remember it well, I (a New Yorker livingin exile in Seattle) remember 9/11 all too well, and I remember with a little sigh the actual unity we had for a few short weeks, then the republicans and their allies co - opted that national tragedy as a money making scheme for blackwater and their ilk. Even during WW2, there were safeguards and a watchfull congress to guard against the obscene profitmaking from borrow money from China to pay for a war which enriches only the mercenaries and Haliburton.....

sad and angry
saw my city attacked
lost a friend that day
lost a piece of my heart
now I'm just angry


enigma4ever said...

thank you for sharing...I am so so sorry for what has many of us share your anger, your angst and yes you sorrow....

I worry...we lost so much these past 8 years...
I worry we as a nation have lost our way....and WHO we are...especially those in DC.....