Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Night Music and Thoughts....The Wait

[ Click the Title + "The Weight" by The Band]
Here by Lake Erie we still have mounds of snow and ice and Bitter Cold.We are in the midst of the Primary Battle,so I am more than distracted.....Even with my battered hip I am working hard, and sadly the Blogs have been a bit neglected. My Apologies.
( I am blogging about my bashed hip next week, I am still too angry to write anything that is palatable.)

I have Posted the Song "The Weight". The Funny thing in the 70's when I first heard The Band I thought the song was called THE WAIT.....I really did think it was all about Waiting....I feel like we are in the Middle of the Big Wait right now....and in a way it is a Weight also....

Have a good Friday Night, share the Coco and the whipped cream and snuggle.....

( New Post about Dr.Charles Drew will be up this weekend for Black History Month )


Josie said...

Enigma, the cocoa and the whipped cream and the snuggle sound pretty good. All things the doctor ordered.

Speaking of which, take care of your hip.

And don't forget, there is a job in Canada for you, if worst comes to worst.

leslie said...

That is a beautiful photo! Did you take It? I didn't realise you'd bashed your hip...hope you're okay!