Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dan Fogelberg died this morning at 6am

{Click Title: Dan Fogelberg's "Longer"}

We are having a storm here by the Big Lake, it is stormy, windy and snowy. If you watched the Browns Game you saw it....whitehout conditions off and on....So I did not watch that much news, and was having internet troubles off and on, so I read and hung out with 6-6.....we were eating snacks and getting ready to watch 60 Minutes when I saw it on the news. So sad.

Dan was many many things. For me, he was one of those people that the songs were so profound.The music was always perfection, but it was his lyrics that would burn their way into your soul. Phrases that were as familiar as a lost love letter. I had every single one of his albums, went to all of his live shows on the East Coast.

His music helped when I lost loves, the Elderly Aunts that I loved and my grandmother, and my first misscarriage, and favorite patients as a young nursing student. We even played him at the pool that I managed as a lifeguard.I played him when we moved to New England as a young bride, and then again moving to the Northwest as I fixed up an old apartment in Capital Hill in Seattle. I sang his songs as Lullabys to a new baby as the rain fell. One of my AIDS patients used Dancing Shoes ( wonderful song) and Leader of the Band at his funeral.As a young girl, a hippy, in a household of conservative judgemental Repugs, his music helped me find my peace.

Last week I posted Greg Lake, another that sooths the soul. But this week I think I will post more Dan. tonight it is "Longer"

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Josie said...

Enigma, I LOVED Dan Fogelberg. He was the soundtrack of my life. Such a gorgeous man too. What a loss!