Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Have a sit....stay awhile...

I will put the music on..and some Sun Tea...Red Zinger today.....and Peter Gabriel..."Sky Blue"


Valérie said...

Hello/Bonjour Enigma,

I come across your blog by inadvertance, from reading a comment from you on another blog that I can't remember the name now, his name is SheaNC and WhyNot told much about him.

You seem like a very wonderful woman, and the things I read here made me cry. I wish that more people here in Europe would hear voices of people like you because it would help us realize America is not just a monster.

It is lucky that there are people like you on Pourquoi Pas because it helps a little bit to redress the balance. (PP is the blog I visit nearly every day because it is like home for me and I talk to people from everywhere, not just France, and I like this).

It would be nice if added your voice there too because there are also unofrtunately several American people who keep giving a very negative impression of USA.

Also, I want to ask you something: I am going around all the blogs that I think Romeo might have visited, because I am looking for him after he left PP when he got annoyed too much with Barb and her religion.

If you have seen him somewhere I would be grateful that you tell me so. I know it may seem silly, but I like him very much and I miss him, and I am myself annoyed that Barb managed to drive him off.

I'm not sure that I will remember your blog here because I visit so many every day in my search, but I am always one day or another on PP, so you can say something there for me if you have the time. I don't give my email address, but the host of PP makes his public, and he can relay messages for me, so if you prefer to write an email, here is his address:

Greeting from Paris,


enigma4ever said...

Bonjour Valerie come any time..and nice to know this found you in Paris...