Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Walking and Watching.....

So I was walking home from the store...and there was this little girl of about 8, holding hands with her dad...
and singing and skipping..and he was just humming...and then a bassatt yodeled out the window...
and so the little girl started singing Elvis's Hound Dog song to the bassatt...and the dad was laughing...
and they were so in the Moment....

I smiled the rest of the way home....


the walking man said...
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the walking man said...

Below is a post I recently made from my archives. I had the same feeling when I wrote it. It is good that little people can still influence us cynics.


Cobblestone Kisses
I saw a shoeless girl,
about 4,
dancing on cobblestones
in pure bliss.
Each and every cobble
gave her bare feet
a smiling loving kiss.

I wondered as I watched,
where she got the joy to dance like that;
fluttering dress, twirling, blessed
mindless joy,
in a place so lacking in romance.
But dance she did, on and on,
laughing dancing carelessly
to a music only she could hear.

I wished I could be that way again,
mindlessly joyful with cobbles
kissing my bare feet.
Wishing for a childhood
not knowing what lay ahead. Better still I wished
I could be dancing now.
Just remove my shoes and
let the smooth stones
kiss my care away.

Laughter and smiles come
so easily to children loved,
with nothing amiss
all the little ones should be
dancing and twirling in joy
as the cobblestones deliver
loving bare feet kiss.

enigma4ever said...

that was lovely....see you are such an amazing writer...

the walking man said...

E$...thanks...I am still evolving, going through an experimental poetry phase at the moment.

Peace buddy