Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts....Treasure Hunting,Neighbors,and Treats for the Garden...

"When you come to the edge of all that you Know,
You must believe in one of two things,
There will be earth upon which to stand,
Or you will be given Wings."

It's very late Sunday Night, I am watching "Witness" ( for the 150th time)...and it's windy and the house is I am wide awake... this is one of my favorite movies...There are many poignant scences....One of my favorite scenes is the Barn Raising , but also how music is used to speak...and Eyes. It is beautifully filmed, but the story is well told. My Favorite Scene is the Scene at the end where all the Amish, Silent, Peaceful Un-Armed, Armed with their Honor, their Eyes, and their Dignity, En Masse Face Evil....Truth Facing Criminals...Very very Powerful.

A Power of the People Moment....And today in Portland there was also such a Moment...Photos posted over at Watergate Summer...I value those Moments...And the Urgency of Now attached to These Moments Now....I spoke with my friend in Asia and he was thrilled to hear of That Many People coming together. He had chills as I told him about it...He said that we are Witnessing History and I said Yes.
On Sundays I clean but late afternoon I go " Shopping", Our Neighborhood puts out trash. But since it is a neighborhood of old homes and college kids , people are always moving and fixing up their homes....Many Treasures have been found on these outings, lovely old furniture, pots for plants, and books. Today I had a Great Treasure Run, a Beautiful Old Rocker that needs some work, a lovely painting, a glorious soft rug,brass lamp, and stacks of Science Books.And then a friend showed up and in her hunting two streets over she found me the most beautiful Vintage Sewing Machine. It is Art Deco Style and a Lovely Bright Periwinkle Blue, In Mint Condition. I have two other machines that I have been trying to repair- but parts are hard to come by, but this is Perfect, has been rewired and even has a repair Booklet with it. ( For some reason the 30s and 40's machines I am always able to repair and comprehend, it is how I am wired).

This friend also helped me acquire some wrought Iron Beds that were thrown out, I am reusing them to in my backyard to grow wysteria , clematis and Beans and create a fencing and benches around the edge.Anybody who read my blog last summer, and remembers reading about my porch knows that I love finding things to create my outdoor Oasis. ( the goal being to not spend any money...and save the money for plants.).


***** {Down Below are scenes and music from the Movie. Click the Title David Bowie" Heroes" Live 2006.}*****


Mary said...

I love the photo and the re-purposing that way.

enigma4ever said...

me2 mary....me2 :-)

the walking man said...

E4E I used to not like my wifes shopping sprees among the ruins of the neighbors garbage. Now I look around every room in my house and I can see that was where most of our furnishings and decorations came from.

You and her would start out shopping amicably but oh what would happen when both of you discovered the same treasure and had a hand on it at the same time.

Don't wanna see that Peace

enigma4ever said...

Ahhh Walking Man...I think we would share the treasures...I do alot of sharing and swapping here...I got my whole street doing it...we all run into each other on Sunday nights and show each other our Loot.....

So nice that your wife and her skills are appreciated....