Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tuesday Night Soulfood... " I Believe"

The Song that is linked to the Title is " I Believe" sung by Fantasia....( my son and I both Loved this Song when she sang it on Idol back in 2004....really amazing song....she gave it her All...and sang it with such feeling...)

I love this photo...this afternoon I walked to the store and this photo looks much like what I saw....Around the Corner, On the second floor of a little brick apartment house- one child was throwing Jelly Beans over the railing....and there were four open mouthes below waiting for the Beans to Rain Down....Just a moment of Joy as they concentrated on the Gifts from Above....It was too hard to catch while giggling they quickly found out... they gave me the best Smile Moment of the Day....


WeezieLou said...

that is a great picture!! reminds me of one i used to have taped to my desk. abt 6 small kids on a long bench, all with lunch bags, and all peering into the lunch bag of the next kid. ot was a great pic. would love to find it again. like this one, it had a norman rockwell quality to it.

Bustednuckles said...

What a beautiful scene!
The innocence of childhood , like the flowers of spring.

DivaJood said...

Terrific image, all joy and hope.

the walking man said...

We can and will have this feeling of hope for a piece of sugar again soon.
There is, I find, a growing spirit that will make us chase, catch and, destroy that which has destroyed our hope. Enigma, the mystery, let us believe this as one even if we are different in other thoughts.



Oh yeah here's a cyber buck in the tip tip jar for the...overhead.

enigma4ever said...

thanks all...so nice..