Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 3 at the Enigma Cafe ...Furniture is arriving....

So I am done working on the floors, the black and white tiles are lovely in the Cafe Area, and some of the floors by the Fireplace are deep mahogoney, and they are all shiney and waxed. So some furniture has arrived, all cleaned up and painted by yours truly, old wooden Rockers to sit by the fire are due in later today. And two lovely warm velvet sofas have been acquired, in soft cozy green and will be here soon. Dishes and Vintage Mugs arrive tomorrow. And Saturday Night we will have Our First Poetry Slam. Everything is coming together. Don't forget I still need Leaf Peeper Pictures to put on the walls, you can email me ( I have one that I am hanging tonight from DK.....)

The Juke Box arrives for tonight we can use that Old Record Player...

What Music do you all want ?

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