Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thoughts for a wet soggy Friday....Random photos...and thoughts..

First off, this "Tree" , which is now a 20ft Stump is right by my bedroom window...The story is that about a month ago, MrTeabaggeryAsswipe- my next door neighbor DID THIS to the tree right my window. Now I mention this because- a few weeks back, I was fast asleep and woke at 9am to a Chainsaw right by my head. I leaned out the window in all of my JustWokeUpGlory and yelled at Mr.Asswipe and his buddy who were Trimming ALL the Foilage by my House, and then I got dressed and called the cops on him.I had to explain to the cops WHY I thought having a "Neighbor" use Chainsaws by window was NOT ok??? Now the reason that I post this photo now.....well it turns out that it is a perfect perch for Mr and Mrs Cardinal and also for Skippy the FrontPorch Squirrel, so I am not as pissed as I was, and the cats LOVE that Critters come and sit for them.....So....a Happy Ending inspite of Mr.Asswipe...

Leftover soup......It was cold...blustery and wet out came the Dusty Crock Pot....And Leftover Soup...SanFran 49Cents CVS soup-1 can,cup of Organic Baby Carrots,1cup Boathouse Chai tea,can of carbanzo beans,half cup spaghetti sauce,2cups of old cooked cheese spinach Tortellini.,spices...etc...and after 2 hours...excellent....hmmmm...

Munchkin Land..
So I live in a side-by-side....and this summer I decided that instead of having a garden or setting up my patio furniture ...I gave it to my neighbors....because they have two wee ones under 4....and this is how it looked most of the summer...every morning making tea I would look out and see what was happening or little people...Muchkin thing I ever was a gift to them...but also to me.....

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