Friday, December 12, 2008

A NEW List....JOB List..

So here is my theory...that we all can get through these times if we just adapt....and change and flow with it...What kind of jobs have you had ? has it shaped your life ?
This is a List of Jobs I have had...Some I worked for pay...some I worked for trades, I worked a barn so my son could ride and learn to ride, bartering is in a way a useful skill....
1.waitress ( over and over)
2.worked concert halls and political events ( coat checks, and service for events)
3.Stage crew for plays
4.Lighting for bands at a Baltimore Bar
6.Pool Manager
7.Swimming Instructor
8.Stall Cleaner and care of 20 Horse Barn ( trade for lessons for son)
9.Horse Therapy/grooming and Massage ( Tellington Touch)
10.Research for a News Station in College
11.nurse's aid.volunteer ( highschool and junior High , Special Olympics and Childrens Hospital,
also was a Reader and did puppet shows....)
12.Hospice Volunteer ( started when 17, before that volunteered)
13.Parking Lot Attendent at Harbor Construction Site
15.Taught HIV/AIDS Classes for years in Seattle 1988-1998
16. Cofounded a Environmental Health Non Profit
17. Red Cross Disaster Volunteer
18.Reader for Blind College Students
21.Pet Care
22.volunteer at Nature Center ( rehabing Wild Animals- bears to baby squirrels)
23. Market Checkout
24.Rickshaw Driver in Baltimore ( first female one in early 80's Harbor)
25.Inventory Bookeeping at a resturante
26.Personal Trainer ( taught eexercise classes at gym for free membership)
27.Worked at 2nd Hand Store
28.worked in Special Dress Shop In Baltimore ( where I met Oprah....)
29.And yes, I am still a RN....( PEDS, Hospice,PICU,ER,AIDS Nursing....)


D.K. Raed said...

Wow! You have done so many different types of jobs! Rickshaw Driver?!? Rehabbing bears?

Sometimes I think I've been doing the same job all my life, only my surroundings and contacts change.

At one point, a friend & I decided to try waitressing at night for a health food place. We thought it'd be fun & we'd make some extra $$$. Hoooboy, that was hard work & the money & hours sucked. We did meet some interesting people, but in the end all it really taught me is I should be happier with my day job.

the walking man said...

What is a job?